What Others Are Saying...

“What a positive experience it has been and how much we have appreciated having Doug onsite to guide us and support us.”

“It has been clear to me that not only is Doug very knowledgeable and skilled in his job, but he also truly enjoys his work - and it shows!”

“I have so appreciated being able to count on Doug through the process of conducting 17 readiness gatherings.”

“Doug Clark … from day one was fantastic! He quickly got us better organized and better committed for the large task at hand.  We needed his wisdom, experience and energy to keep us focused and on target.”

“Doug worked hard for us everyday, and was available to help us and encouraged us 24/7.”

“Doug's … servant attitude was a perfect match for our church.”

“Doug did just a wonderful job of framing this process in such a positive way.”

“I am a “words” guy, and I am very sensitive to how people frame things.  Doug nailed it.  His approach and disposition is a really good fit at {our church}.”

“Many thanks to your leadership and guidance helping our church attain our goal of $3.6 mil for our campaign. I truly enjoyed working with you and without your expertise I am quite sure we would not have hit the goal.”

“Doug, I don't know if this qualifies as a certified miracle, but it may be as close as I have ever come to one! Needless to say, everyone is very excited. You played a huge role in this as well. You talked us off the ledge more than once”